About SEES

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The Safe Exercise at Every Stage (SEES) guideline was developed to better address and safely mange dysfunctional exercise during the treatment of an eating disorder. This simple and graded process aims to support clinicians in determining the level of exercise appropriate for each individual based upon their current level of physical and psychological well-being.


Target users

We developed the SEES guideline for use by trained exercise and medical professionals working with individuals with ED symptomatology. This guideline has been developed for use across all levels of care including in-patient and medical settings as well as outpatient settings. The SEES guideline is intended to augment the clinical and medical knowledge of clinicians working with these populations. The application of these guidelines to prescribe exercise should only occur within an individual clinician’s scope of practice.

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The SEES guideline has been developed by thorough review of the best available research in conjunction with input by experts in the field of eating disorders and related difficulties. The Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation-II instrument was used to support the development of these guidelines in conjunction with the National Health and Medical Research Council (2011) to ensure that SEES meets the highest standards of research.

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