Safe Exercise at Every Stage (SEES)  

Clinical Guideline for managing and incorporating exercise into eating disorder treatment 


“Is it realistic to expect our patients to be completely inactive when moderate exercise is generally accepted as necessary for a healthy lifestyle?”

- Beumont, Arthur, Russell & Touyz, 1994

“Is it ethical treatment to not offer a venue for learning appropriate exercise attitudes and behaviors as part of an overall eating disorders treatment program?”

- Manley & Stadish, 2005

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of individuals with an eating disorder engage in dysfunctional exercise.

- Dalle Grave, Calugi & Marchesini, 2008; Schroff et al., 2006


The Safe Exercise at Every Stage (SEES) guideline was developed to better address and safely mange dysfunctional exercise during the treatment of an eating disorder. This simple and graded process aims to support clinicians in determining the level of exercise appropriate for each individual based upon their current level of physical and psychological well-being. 


SEES Philosophy

The authors of SEES are committed to helping change the way exercise is addressed in eating disorder treatment. Thus, to help facilitate this process, we offer the complete SEES guideline free of charge.